Periodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with treatment of diseases or conditions related to gums and tooth supporting structures viz. ligament and bone. Department of Periodontics deals with patients having problems ranging from deposits, tartar and stains on tooth, bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth and teeth with exposed roots & ulcers or other infections present on gums and other parts of mouth. To deal with these problems the department educates and teaches the patient to maintain proper oral hygiene, performs scaling ( cleaning) & polishing of teeth & plans surgical treatment according to specific individual needs in order to restore health of teeth, gums and tooth supporting structures. This entails bone or soft tissue grafting for loose teeth. The department is equipped with tertiary level care equipment like Laser & Electrocautery. The Department is also in the process of acquiring equipment or material for dental implants.

List Of Faculty Members & Others
Name Designation Phone Email
Dr.Kanwarjit Singh Asi Professor & Head 9805517581  
Dr.Ajay Mahajan Professor(D) 9418017029  
Dr.Pravesh Jhingta Professor(D) 9418095845
Dr.Suneet Karol Assistant Professor (D) 9418006285  
Dr.Nisha Thakur Assistant Professor (D) 7018438417  
Dr Deepak Sharma Assistant Professor (D) 09418073337
Mrs Bharti Sharma Staff Nurse    
Mr Naveen Gupta Dental Hygeinist    
Mr Ashok Guleria Dental Hygeinist    
Mr Vivek Sharma Dental Hygeinist    
Smt Nidhi Sharma Dental Hygeinist    
Mrs Anita Mantan Dental Hygeinist    
Mrs Rajni Sharma Dental Hygeinist    
Mr Jawahar Lal Peon