Dr. Vishal Sharma (Professor)

Designation: Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Academic Contribution:

  1. .Radix entomolaris: An Endodontic Challenge; Dental Journal of Advanced Studies, Vol 1 Issue: January-April 2013, Page 58-60.A.Gupta,S.Thakur,V.Sharma,A.Minocha ,B.P.Singh
  2. An unusual case of Gemination, Supernumerary tooth and Talon cusp: Indian Journal of Dental Sciences.   September 2011 Issue: 3, Vol.:3, Page 30-33. A.Gupta,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  3.  Dens Invaginatus: A case Report; Endodontology, June 2011, Vol 23 Issue 1, Page 94-97. 60.A.Gupta,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  1. Management of Cracked Teeth: A case report: Endodontology, June 2007, Vol 19, Issue 1, Page 39-44.N Mittal,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  2. Root Canal Cleaning Efficiency of Hand and Rotary Instruments: Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy, June 2007, Vol 21, No. 2, Page 45- 53.
  3. Comparative Evaluation Of Working Length using Radiovisiography and Conventional  Radiography Universuty Journal of Dental Sciences, 2 0 1 5 ; N o . 1 , V o l . 3 Anshu Minocha, Vishal Sharma, Abhinav Misra
  4. 10.MANAGEMENT OF GEMINATED TEETH  Dr. Vishal Sharma Dr.Anshu Minocha Dr.Ashu Gupta Dr.Neeta Sharma , University Journal of Dental Sciences 2017,No3, Vol 2.
  5. Efficacy of twoNiTi retreatment Systems and hand files in removing Gutta-Percha and sealer from canals filled with three different types of sealers. Dr Rajinder Singh, Dr Ashu Gupta, Dr Vishal Sharma. Dental Journal of Advanced Sciences 3(02),071-079, 2015.
  6. Interaction between irrigants commonly used in endodontic practice and their characterisation using1H NMR Spectra, Dr N Ashutosh,Dr  AKGupta,Dr Vishal Sharma, Intarnational Journal of Research in Health and Allied Sciences, Vol 4 , Issue 3 May-June 2018.
  7. Epidermoid Cyst of Hard Palate and evaluation of healing by Color Power Doppler Ultrasonography: A Case Report. Dr Sanjeev Chauhan Dr Ashu Gupta, Dr Vishal Sharma. Dental Journal of Advanced Sciences 5(01),058-062, 2017.

Courses :
Certified course on “ Health research fundamental” by ICMR NIE (elite) October 2018